Frequently Asked Questions

What is online remote computer support?
Remote computer support is the practice of having one of our technicians assists you with your computer over the Internet. You will be able to login to our website and open a secure connection from there. There you'll enter a Queue, a technician will connect to your computer, and have the ability to collaborate with you, to troubleshoot, and find solutions for the problems you're having!
Is it safe?
Absolutely! When you open a connection to one of our technicians, it is encrypted using a 128-bit key. This is the same level of protection applied too most banking software. You are in complete control of the remote session at all times, and can end it immediately or take control of the mouse should you feel the need.
Who am I connecting with?
Once you login and follow the instructions to be entered into our technical support queue, one of our service technicians will open a connection with you.
Can a technician access my computer after our session is complete?
Only if you want us to, once our support session is concluded, you will be offered the ability for us to reconnect automatically if you request it. This allows us to perform routine maintenance that helps keep your computer secure. If you do not require this service, once we complete the session all traces of the software used to open the connection will be removed and you will have to initiate the connection again for us to be able to gain future access.
What locations will this service work from?
This service can be used from anywhere in the world that you can access the Internet.
What happens if you cannot fix the problem remotely?
Sometimes a problem is too complex to be solved remotely. In these cases you can either bring your computer in to our store, or we can send someone out to fix it onsite.
How long will the remote access service take to work?
Computer problems can vary considerably in nature and require a variety of solutions. In many situations however you can open the connection and allow us to do the rest without needing to be in front of your computer at all times.
How much do your services cost?
We have a wide range of pricing options, the details of which can be found here.
Does your service work on Macs as well as PCs?
Our remote, onsite, and in-store technicians are prepared to find solutions to solve problems on both Mac and PC platforms.

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